Created specifically for writers in the horror genre, the Penned In Blood Screenwriting Competition not only seeks to recognize great horror stories but also aims to help emerging screenwriters improve on their craft as they ready their work for marketing.

Every qualified* submission receives a scorecard along with detailed notes that focus on not only the good points of the script but also the bad and the ugly.

Our jury pool is composed of experienced judges who will look for the common problem areas on a screenplay. These usually include the structure of the story, characters, dialogue, and the general format of the script.


* "Qualified" simply means that the submitter followed our simple rules.  There are very few reasons for us to disqualify a submission, such as it not being written in English or is an obvious clone of a story that the writer does not have the legal rights to.

Penned in Blood is a competition that is managed by Siren Productions Media (the folks behind the all-genre film and script competition Siren by the Sea.)

































































































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